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4 Steps to Choosing Your Aviation Insurance Partner
Before you pay your premiums, make sure your insurance partner can pay claims.

tailBeacon approved for rotorcraft
uAvionix has announced that its tailBeacon, an FAA-approved, remote-mount 978-MHz universal access transceiver (UAT) ADS-B Out solution—combined with a rear position light for mounting at the rear of an aircraft—has been accepted by the F ...

Answers for the unequipped
As the FAA’s mandate for ADS-B Out draws closer, more pilots—especially those flying aircraft not equipped with ADS-B Out—have questions. And we have the answers.

PilotWorkshops releases new IFR video series
AOPA Premier Partner PilotWorkshops has released a new video program that demonstrates techniques and procedures to make instrument flying easier and safer.

Military seeks comments on Georgia MOA proposal
The U.S. Air Force is seeking public comments by January 6, 2020, during the preparation of an environmental impact statement for a proposed revision of the Moody Airspace Complex adjacent to Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, Georgia.

Events to mark seventy-fifth anniversary of World War II’s end
A committee dedicated to paying tribute to veterans of World War II will hold events and programs in Washington, D.C., in May and at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii next summer to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the war’s end in Europe and ...

FAA sets January 8 end date for HIWAS broadcasts
The FAA announced that the Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service (HIWAS), which transmits weather advisories over some VORs, will be discontinued on January 8, 2020.

Harbour Air flies first electric Beaver
Harbour Air’s all-electric-powered de Havilland Beaver took off for an inaugural flight test just after daybreak December 10 to the cheers of about two dozen people huddled on a chilly dock in Vancouver, British Columbia, as the distinctive sea ...

It’s all for the kids
You say you don’t believe in Santa Claus? In Michigan you’d be proven wrong. Very wrong.

World speed record attempt back on track
Two oceans down, one to go.

Training Tip: A fast and furtive fog
It’s a picture-perfect day for flying: Bright sunshine, a clear sky, and just enough breeze to animate the windsock. So why is the pattern crammed with aircraft hurrying to get on the ground?

Pratt & Whitney PT6 turboprop engine start
There are thousands of Beechcraft King Airs out there, powered by thousands more Pratt & Whitney PT6 turboprop engines. Ever wonder how to start one? Here are the basics, featuring a King Air 300.

Around-the-world speed record attempt forced to turn back
Bill Harrelson’s around-the-world speed record attempt got underway December 5, but the pilot turned back over the Pacific after a slew of unwelcome, last-minute surprises.

Happy birthday, Col. McGee
Col. Charles E. McGee, who flew a P–51 Mustang as a member of the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II, celebrated his 100th birthday December 6 by climbing into the left seat of a Cirrus Vision Jet.

Aircraft Maintenance: Tame Old Man Winter with hangar tech
This is the time of year that I can routinely be heard complaining about the cold, as if it’s a surprise that I had no idea was coming. In my defense, it’s fair to say that getting more than a foot of snow Thanksgiving weekend is a bit mu ...

Hayward Air Rally to award EAA Air Academy scholarships
The Hayward Air Rally, which claims the title of North America’s longest continually held proficiency flying event, is again offering scholarships to the EAA Air Academy for two young people.

Group or individual life insurance – what’s best for me?

Want a better autopilot? Start with the servos.
An in-depth look at Garmin’s fresh approach to autopilot servo technology.

Textron Aviation announces layoffs
Textron Aviation announced layoffs in its Wichita, Kansas-based engineering and professional support workforce to take effect at year’s end.

Italian aviator Francesco Volpi dies at age 105
Francesco Volpi, a decorated Italian Air Force pilot who earned his military pilot certificate at age 21 and went on to count more than 80 years of active flying, died November 19 at age 105.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has announced its much anticipated 2020 fly-in locations. The coveted three location, two-day events, will kick off May 29 and 30 in San Marcos, Texas (KHYI), followed by June 19 and 20 in Casper, Wyo ...

Mooney again making parts, aircraft
Workers are again hand-driving rivets and curving sheet metal in a Kerrville, Texas, general aviation manufacturing facility at the venerable Mooney International Corp. “They actually never closed,” said Don Maxwell, a respected Mooney se ...

IFR Fix: He's making a list (of instrument procedures)
Improving IFR facilities at your airport may not be as simple as telling Santa your wish and waiting by the chimney for delivery—but it’s close by government standards.

Steady increases continue for avionics sales
Worldwide sales of avionics to the business and general aviation segments surpassed $2.28 billion for the first nine months of 2019, a 14.3-percent increase over the comparable 2018 period that continues a trend of steady growth, said an industry rep ...

'Classrooms' offered as new aviation learning environment
How's this for innovation: Instead of studying all alone for FAA knowledge tests by reading a book, watching a video, or answering test bank questions on an app, there’s a place where people gather to study aviation together and ask questions o ...

Training Tip: When eyes tell lies
As I stare with one eye covered at an image in an aviation text held at arm’s length, a remarkable thing happens.

California Aeronautical University Hosts its Third Aviation Career Day!
Staying true to their mission of inspiring the next generation of aviation professionals, California Aeronautical University (CAU) hosted their 3rd annual Aviation Career Day to more than 400 hundred attendees to include students from 17 high schools ...

Leidos wins new flight service contract
The FAA has selected current flight service provider Leidos to receive a new five-year contract under its Future Flight Service Program with options to extend the agreement in one-year increments up to an additional 10 years.

Vacation with a bird's-eye view
There is nothing better in the world when traveling than getting a bird’s-eye view of a destination. Many times I’ll just bring my own airplane and fly to the destination. But what if the water’s too wide for my airplane to comforta ...

Mild weather, wild destination
Skiing and sledding are not the first activities that come to mind when you think of Tucson, Arizona, but this is where you’ll find the southernmost ski area in the United States.

AOPA, FAA experts discuss ADS-B in webinar
What constraints on access to airspace will pilots flying without ADS-B Out face after the January 1, 2020, mandate to equip with ADS-B takes effect?

TurtlesFlyToo celebrates five years
Volunteer sea turtle rescue organization, which depends on general aviation aircraft and pilots to help relocate the lumbering mammoths, is expanding westward as  the organization celebrates its fifth year.

Bipartisan bill would spur transportation careers
Bipartisan legislation intended to draw attention to careers in the transportation industry and to diversify the workforce was recently introduced in the House of Representatives.

Will Mooney rise again?
A series of U.S., French, and German ownership groups couldn’t make Mooney profitable—and neither could the Meijing Group of China.

Setting a record, with a view
A 12-day round trip in a Robinson R44 put this Florida-based pilot in the record book, even though the itinerary was quickly out the window.

Some Bonanzas removed from aileron inspection directive
An airworthiness directive (AD) that required inspection of the right aileron flight control cable end fittings on many Beechcraft Bonanza single-engine airplanes has been superseded by a revised AD that removes some Bonanza models from the list of a ...

Pocket drones pack power
Pocket-size drones are more capable and easier to fly than ever, and some of the newly arriving "smalls" are just about autonomous, though proper piloting remains imperative.

FAA: Runway status lights operational
The FAA announced that runway status lights (RWSL) are now operational at 20 large airports across the United States.

Bose ProFlight Series 2 takes lightweight to a new level
When it comes to aviation gear, there is no more personal choice than a headset. What fits perfectly for one pilot may feel like a vise to another. Bose has been a comfort and technology leader since it first developed active noise-attenuating headse ...

FAA finds city of Santa Monica in violation of grant assurances
Local pilots and airport operators in Santa Monica, California, received a morsel of good news after the FAA found the city in violation of certain grant assurances, chief among them the city’s management of operations on the field such as loan ...

Small drones have traffic 'in sight'
Safe integration of drones in the airspace used by all requires active measures for traffic avoidance, measures that account for aircraft and other objects that are not “cooperating.” Two competing approaches to achieving airborne detecti ...

Training Tip: Cold moon flying
Got your three hours of night flying in yet? An excellent opportunity to seize the night is coming up either side of December 12 when the next full moon comes around.

Florida TFR to be in effect over Thanksgiving holiday
The FAA has announced that a VIP temporary flight restriction (TFR) will be in effect in the West Palm Beach, Florida, area from November 26 to December 1.

Trade-A-Plane goes all-digital
The family that has owned and published Trade-A-Plane since Cosby Harrison launched the publication from a kitchen table in 1937 has pulled the plug on print to focus on a digital future.

AOPA members inducted into International Forest of Friendship
Seven AOPA members were among those inducted into the International Forest of Friendship in 2019. This year’s inductees included Sheri Baxter, Myra Bugbee, Terry Carbonell, Ellen Herr, Karen Kalishek, Donna Moore, and N. Lynn Thoma.

NTSB notes accident uptick
The number of aviation accidents and fatalities edged up in 2018 following a year of record safety achievement.

Fly in, glamp out
After 20 years of marriage, I camped with my husband for the first time this year. Purists will say we didn’t really camp because we slept in a king-size bed, had electricity, and even access to a full bathroom.

Training Tip: Two-way traffic
Which callout would you rather hear from an air traffic controller issuing traffic advisories in busy airspace: That previously called traffic is “no longer a factor,” or that the traffic is “no longer observed”?

Aircraft industry shaken but deliveries mostly not stirred in Q3
Double-digit growth in piston-aircraft and business-jet deliveries continued the year’s trend to date for aircraft manufacturers in a third quarter that produced some headline-making reshufflings of the industry’s players.

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FAA lists OTC go/no-go medications
Just in time for cold and flu season, the FAA has released a list of over-the-counter medications broken into two categories: go and no go.

Aviation groups say three bills should never get off the ground
AOPA and five other aviation-industry groups urged House and Senate committees to reject several proposals they believe would compromise safety, “dismantle a thriving rotorcraft industry,” and disperse FAA regulatory clout among countless ...

Does it Make Sense to Buy an FAA Approved Simulator to Stay Current?

5 Tips for Storing Your Airplane for the Winter
5 things to do prior to winter storage and 1 NOT to do.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's (AOPA's) You Can Fly program received the 2019 Frank G. Brewer Trophy during the National Aeronautic Association's Fall Awards Dinner in Arlington, Virginia, Tuesday evening. 

Canada ADS-B mandate delayed
With the FAA’s ADS-B Out mandate less than seven weeks away, the industry is learning more about the capabilities and limitations of space-based ADS-B—including that Nav Canada has postponed its ADS-B Out mandate.

Pilots speak up to save a Maine airport
The central Maine town of Dover-Foxcroft has shelved a plan to close the community airport to construct a solar-power generating facility on the property following a strong turnout by airport supporters at a public hearing.

Military seeks New Mexico airspace plan comments
The U.S. Air Force has released a draft environmental impact statement in connection with its proposal to reconfigure special-use airspace at Holloman Air Force Base in southern New Mexico for F–16 fighter pilot training.

AOPA WRAPS UP 2019 High School Aviation STEM Symposium
The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) wrapped up its fifth High School Aviation STEM Symposium at United Airlines Flight Training Center in Denver this year.The event included a dozen breakout sessions; keynote addresses from leaders at U ...

'Please be advised' Mooney factory closed
One of general aviation’s best-known brands appears to be out of business: Mooney International furloughed the staff, leaving only the voicemail behind.

Encouragement, support key to aviation education
Young people can do anything they set out to do as long as they have encouragement and a good support team, said former U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration squadron commander Kevin Robbins in a keynote during the fifth annual AOPA High School A ...

Lithium sulfur or lithium ion?
Electric aircraft developer Bye Aerospace and battery technology pioneer OXIS Energy have begun a project that the two companies unveiled last summer aimed at significantly increasing the flight time an aircraft can achieve on a single battery charge ...

New management in place at restructured Thrush Aircraft
Thrush Aircraft, the manufacturer of aerial application aircraft that filed for bankruptcy earlier in 2019, announced completion of a restructuring that leaves the company “well positioned for growth.”

Airworthiness directive issued on Bonanza aileron assemblies
The FAA has issued an airworthiness directive (AD) on many models of the Beechcraft Bonanza single-engine airplane requiring inspection of the right aileron flight control cable end fittings and replacing damaged cable assemblies.

AOPA's You Can Fly initiative wins NAA award
The National Aeronautic Association recognized AOPA’s You Can Fly initiative with one of its highest honors on November 12, the Frank G. Brewer Trophy, “for fostering an appreciation of general aviation flying by working to make it more a ...

Aircraft Maintenance: Carbon monoxide season is here
Throughout much of the country, cold weather flying is beginning, which means carbon monoxide season has arrived. As colder temperatures push south, pilots across the country pull on heat control cables that haven’t moved in six months or more.

Pulling socks with drones
Stringing high-voltage power lines between towers is specialized and challenging work traditionally done by helicopters. A North Dakota company has demonstrated that drones can pull off a sock pull with less risk and expense.

Training Tip: Charting a checkride
I was arranging navigation resources in the cockpit of a complex single for the flight portion of a practical test when my FAA evaluator asked to inspect my well-worn New York sectional chart.

AOPA comments on renewed FAA information collection for medicals
Pilots submitting a medical application via the FAA’s MedXPress website may have noticed some substantial changes to the form made in early 2018. The FAA has referred to these alterations as updates to the medical application, known as Form 850 ...

Seasoned and rookie pilots in demand
The up-and-down cycle for career pilots is on the rise and won’t stop for the foreseeable future, according to Louis Smith, founder of Future and Active Pilot Advisors (FAPA), a firm that closely tracks airline pilot hiring practices and provid ...

Let's do launch
Most general aviation pilots will never fly an aircraft into outer space, but the time has come to know how to share airspace with those who do.

Santa Monica to pulverize portion of runway
In yet another setback in California's Santa Monica airport saga, the FAA determined that the city is within its rights to use airport revenue for its runway shortening project, which includes removing 750 feet of excess pavement at both ends of ...

New group promotes eVTOL acceptance
A new group of stakeholders will work to build public acceptance of electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft and urban air mobility by making the technology less mysterious to communities across the country.

New program extends ADS-B privacy to 1090ES
The FAA has announced a process that will allow operators of aircraft equipped with ADS-B Out using 1090 MHz Extended Squitter (Mode S transponder) technology to obtain real-time opt-out of ADS-B flight tracking.

New protocols for pilots with insulin-treated diabetes 
Those with diabetes who’ve always dreamed of becoming airline pilots may now get their chance thanks to new protocols that the FAA released on November 7.

Pilots rally to preserve a small-town Maine airport
Pilots are speaking out to save a Maine community airport targeted for closure to make way for a solar-energy venture, and their activism, including a planned fly-in, is drawing notice as a town board ponders its decision.

Epic E1000 turboprop certified
After seven years of effort, Epic Aircraft has obtained an FAA type certificate for its speedy single-engine E1000 turboprop.

Mutual aid, with drones
Firefighters and police from across the state of New York converged on a decommissioned airport turned training center on October 29 to spend the day practicing with drones.

Customs service picking up at Northeast Kingdom airport
Pilots flying into the United States from Canada are giving an airport in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom region a new look for clearing customs, and the airport’s availability is good news for operators of aircraft not equipped with ADS-B, s ...

National Weather Service to monitor space weather for effects on aviation
A National Weather Service unit that monitors solar activity has begun issuing advisories on conditions that could disrupt GPS navigation and high-frequency radio communications or pose a radiation risk to aircraft occupants.

Pilots sound off on Garmin's autoland
Some pilots were slow to warm up to airframe parachutes, and the initial reaction to Garmin’s new emergency automatic landing system has been similarly mixed.

American Airlines offers grants to schools using AOPA's You Can Fly curriculum
AOPA and high schools using our You Can Fly Aviation STEM Curriculum have been invited to apply for an American Airlines Flight Education Grant, up to $25,000 each.

PS Engineering updates VFR audio panel
An integrated audio panel from PS Engineering that controls a remotely mounted transceiver has been updated with a new interface and a feature that calls attention to certain radio calls with spatial cues.

Students awarded over $350K in aviation scholarships
ProJet Aviation leader Shye Gilad told a hangar packed with young people how a cadre of college friends pooled $400 to help him pursue flight training when he was working in a restaurant and scraping coins together to make ends meet. “That was ...

In an effort to grow and diversify the pilot population, the American Airlines Pilot Recruiting & Development team has announced the 2019 continuation of the Flight Education Grant. These grants are awarded to fund creative and inspirational idea ...

Bring your medical qualifications when flying cross-border
Don’t forget to bring your medical certificate or BasicMed evidence along when flying your general aviation aircraft to Mexico and back. On either side of the border, a Customs officer might request to inspect it, and you must comply.

Examiner-system reform panel goes to work
Now that the FAA has put short-term measures in place to cut down delays in scheduling airman practical tests, a working group has turned its attention to modernizing the designated pilot examiner system.

Training Tip: Wind shear warriors
You can memorize a textbook’s wind shear definition to pass a knowledge test or an oral exam, but nothing beats real-world accounts for painting the picture of what wind shear is really all about.

Flying through history
Lovers of art, architecture, and history can find a lot to love around an airport. Nestled among the thousands of airports across the country are a few hundred that claim a window to an important period in America’s past. From basic construction to ...

Lynx NGT-9000 by L3Harris Delivers ADS-B Out and more
Aviators around the globe are turning to L3Harris’s LYNX multi-mode Transponder for their ADS-B requirements. Ted Klapka says, “Lynx turns the invisible into the known, giving him the real information to make safe decisions,” while ...

IFR Fix: All aboard for ADS-B
Time’s almost up. After January 1, 2020, you can’t fly in what we have come to refer to as “rule airspace” defined by FAR 91.225 unless your aircraft has an approved installation of ADS-B Out.

Year-round culinary, outdoor adventures in St. Tammany Parish
In the mid-1800s, the northern shore of Lake Pontchartrain was deemed one of the healthiest places in the United States by the government because so few people there were affected by viruses devastating the rest of the country, including New Orleans ...

Will the Interceptor 400 'only live twice'?
A four-place turboprop that was certified decades ago but never made the big time is ready for its aviation-industry close-up, says a consultant who is working to reintroduce the low-wing single.

Backcountry favorite 'Draco' reimagined
Just over a month after admitting to mistakes that caused the demise of the short takeoff and landing monster known as Draco, owner Mike Patey announced plans to resurrect the backcountry beast and "improve everything."

See through clouds
A sensor about the size of a large briefcase weighing less than 30 pounds might soon make near-zero-visibility landings routine at just about any airport.

Tucker retires iconic Oracle Challenger III
The iconic Oracle Challenger III biplane that enveloped aerobatic pilot Sean D. Tucker while he dazzled and delighted thousands with his signature aerobatic moves has performed its last hammerhead, half-Cuban, and barrel roll.

FAA to modify California's Buchanan Field airspace
The FAA has proposed to amend the Class D airspace at Buchanan Field in Concord, California, and establish Class E airspace to manage IFR operations in the area.

Additional electric eFlyer orders announced
Los Angeles-based urban mobility operator Quantum XYZ recently made a significant investment in additional new all-electric airplane orders from Bye Aerospace.

Hertz gets two thumbs up from travelers
Flying to your getaway is the fun part. Headaches can start when you try to figure out ground logistics.

More GA wake turbulence reports needed
Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a wake turbulence encounter.