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Over the Divide to flatten the curve
A group of volunteer pilots in Colorado delivered more than 300,000 masks across the state. The masks were provided to each public-use airport in the state by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Spotlight on Aurora Airport...and its friends
Oregon’s Aurora State Airport is on the road to expansion thanks to pilots, stakeholders, and a long-term campaign highlighting the significance and positive benefits the airport brings to its community.

SiriusXM Tour brings tunes to the cockpit
When it comes to entertainment in the cockpits of light general aviation airplanes, there are only two ways to enjoy it: Bring it with you or stream it from SiriusXM. A new portable radio from SiriusXM makes it easier than ever to enjoy a wide variet ...

An old friendship rekindled
For many pilots, the words Microsoft Flight Simulator take us back to the day we first fell in love with flight, however “fake” the flying may have been (or how young we were at the time). Clunky computers with cathode ray tubes and keybo ...

From East Coast med student to Alaska pilot in less than 4 weeks
Georgetown University pre-med student Sarah Powell had her eyes on becoming a pilot ever since she was a youth but didn’t have the time to pursue her dream until the coronavirus pandemic shut down classes in June. A forced break from making in- ...

Avionics market tumbles
The Aircraft Electronics Association’s second-quarter industry sales report released August 11 showed a nearly 24-percent decline in total sales compared to the first half of 2019, and nobody was surprised.

FAA renews call for comments on Piper Cherokee AD
The FAA issued a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking to seek comments on an airworthiness directive that would affect more than 11,000 Piper Cherokee and Cherokee Six aircraft in the U.S. registry if it were to be adopted.

EPS bankrupt $15 million short of certified diesel engine
Engineered Propulsion Systems CEO Michael Fuchs told the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin on August 5 that the company was $12 million to $15 million short of being able to deliver its clean-sheet aviation diesel to any cus ...

FAA seeks airworthiness action on Pilatus aircraft
The FAA is proposing two airworthiness directives affecting Pilatus PC–12s and has issued another for the Pilatus PC–6.

New maintenance podcast coming soon
Imagine having three world-class airplane maintenance experts at your fingertips. Now you do. Ask the A&Ps, a new podcast coming soon from AOPA, features renowned aircraft owners, pilots, and technicians Mike Busch, Paul New, and Colleen Sterling ...

Class of 2020 Michigan high school seniors earn pilot certificates
More than a dozen West Michigan Aviation Academy graduates celebrated the STEM-oriented high school’s tenth anniversary by earning a private pilot certificate despite flight training challenges surrounding the coronavirus pandemic—and sch ...

Meet Mel the Traveler
With aviation events canceled or pushed online, more aviators are turning to social media in search of the connection, enthusiasm, and inspiration we usually get from in-person events. Cue social media stars like Mel the Traveler who are sharing thei ...

AOPA, NBAA voice 'serious concerns' about pilot records proposal
AOPA, in a joint letter with the National Business Aviation Association, wrote to FAA Administrator Steve Dickson regarding the Pilot Records Database (PRD) proposal and the negative impact it would have on general aviation pilots.

EPA proposes aircraft emissions regulation
Proposed new federal aircraft emissions standards would not impact piston aviation, though AOPA supports development of new technologies and alternative fuels.

Training Tip: When the bough breaks
A pilot relaxing after a practice flight at a country airfield is savoring the brisk breeze rustling the trees lining the approach path. Meanwhile, another pilot descending to land along the canopied corridor is tackling a turbulent termination to th ...

VFR Unleashed: It doesn’t get any better than this
When you recognize how far and wide your private pilot privileges can take you, a world of opportunity awaits. The fact that we are limited to visual flight conditions is just fine—the joys of seeing the world from above and the challenges of w ...

Your Aircraft is Involved in an Accident – Now What?
8 Steps to the claims process so you will be prepared if you need to present a claim to your insurer.

You can make a difference in the 2020 You Can Fly Challenge
You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of thousands of high school students across the country and to help ensure the future of general aviation by donating to the AOPA Foundation for the 2020 You Can Fly Challenge before August 3 ...

Colorado weather cams activated
Pilots flying over and between the peaks of the Colorado Rockies have new insight on current conditions, thanks to 52 weather cameras now active at 13 automated weather stations.

Dickson: SFAR extensions to continue as needed
The FAA is working to provide predictability without degrading safety as it shapes the special rules that are helping keep general and business aviation operating during the coronavirus pandemic, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson said in an industry we ...

'Waco Taco' in the works
Waco Aircraft Corp. is about to deliver the third YMF–5F customer aircraft, and more are in progress at the factory in Battle Creek, Michigan. Construction of a much larger facility that will include Waco Kitchen, a company-run restaurant, is a ...

Virgin Galactic unveils supersonic airliner
Virgin Galactic has reached the precipice of commercial space travel, perhaps just one spaceflight away from toting paying customers above (most of) the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the company created by billionaire Richard Branson just unveiled a superso ...

Aspen E1000 shutdowns prompt AD
The FAA published an airworthiness directive July 31 that limits aircraft equipped with Aspen Avionics Evolution Flight Display EFD1000 systems to day VFR flight unless and until a software patch is installed to resolve a problem that has caused the ...

Aspen Avionics under new ownership
Founded in 2004 by aviation enthusiasts, Aspen Avionics has a history of punching above its weight, having long battled Garmin to gain a significant share of the general aviation avionics market. The New Mexico creator of the Evolution Flight Display ...

Beringer releases new shock wheel, ultralight tailwheel
Beringer Aero is offering its Shock Wheel HL for experimental airplanes weighing up to 3,000 pounds after its success with a similar wheel in the ultralight and light sport markets. The company is working on obtaining certification for the Shock Whee ...

Tour The National WWII Museum
There are many reasons to plan a flight to New Orleans, with Bourbon Street and the French Quarter at the top of many lists, but one attraction you might not have considered is The National WWII Museum.

Cirrus launches Vision Jet ownership program
Cirrus Aircraft is offering a turnkey program called VisionAir to make the Cirrus Vision Jet easier to own, operate, and manage—particularly for nonpilots in the market for a personal jet.

FAA imposes AD on Pacific Aerospace XTOL turboprop
The FAA has adopted an airworthiness directive to correct possibly ineffective sealing of firewall-penetrating wiring on Pacific Aerospace Limited Model 750XL aircraft, a 10-place, single-engine utility turboprop that is capable of extremely short ta ...

IFR Fix: An obscure operation
When a Cessna 172 pilot flying in deteriorating conditions observed that the forecasted mountain obscuration was concealing the entire ridgeline ahead, it was a prudent call to land back where the flight began and take another look at the weather.

AD calls for Queen Air, King Air wing inspections
The FAA has proposed an airworthiness directive requiring a one-time inspection of numerous Beechcraft King Air and Queen Air twin-engine aircraft models for fatigue cracking in lower forward wing fittings.

Training Tip: Does aviation face a proficiency pandemic?
A student pilot and flight instructor were out for a “currency flight” after a stretch of not flying—but after a hard landing, it was unclear whose currency was the focus.

Helicopter association mourns passing of James Wisecup
The helicopter community mourned the death of longtime air ambulance pilot, safety advocate, and past Helicopter Association International (HAI) Chairman of the Board of Directors James Wisecup, 71, who died July 30 of cancer in Cedar City, Utah.

King Air 360: ‘The next level’
Textron Aviation announced its new King Air 360 and King Air 360ER, more capable and refined successors to the King Air 350 and King Air 350ER, on August 4. These models will take the company’s flagship King Airs “to the next level,” said Ron D ...

Pearl Harbor events to honor World War II veterans
The USS Missouri took center stage on September 2, 1945, when Japanese forces officially surrendered on its deck in Tokyo Bay, ending World War II. The 58,000-ton, 900-foot-long battleship will be in the spotlight again on September 2, this time from ...

By air and by sea: The San Juan Islands
The flight from the college town of Bellingham, Washington, on the mainland to Eastsound, Orcas Island, is so short that as the pilot you will hardly have time for sightseeing. So, if the weather is fine, pull the throttle back once you hit altitude ...

Making avgas with SiriusXM Aviation
Learn how CFI, mentor pilot, and G58 Baron owner-operator Tom Rau utilizes SiriusXM Aviation wind data to improve fuel economy and range.

FAA seeks to expand proposal affecting Robinson R66
The FAA on July 28 issued a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking (SNPRM) to expand the scope of a 2018 proposal to require the tail rotor (T/R) drive shaft yoke assembly be replaced and inspected for sealant on certain Robinson R66 helicopters.

Adaptive aviation flies with Able Flight
Tales are legion of aviators who rose to a mighty challenge. But those annals are incomplete unless you include the inspirational stories of a courageous cadre of contemporary fliers known as the Able Flight pilots.

New extension granted for life-limited Superior Air Parts cylinders
The FAA has granted operators of aircraft powered by Continental engines with certain Superior Air Parts cylinders installed an additional two-year extension before they must replace the cylinders under a current airworthiness directive, for a total ...

Mandatory Piper Seneca inspections proposed
A notice of proposed rulemaking published July 28 would establish an airworthiness directive mandating compliance with a Piper Aircraft service bulletin issued in February 2019 to address potential rudder cable damage in certain Seneca twins.

Two MiG–21s to converge on Miami aviation museum
Two disassembled Soviet-era supersonic MiG–21 jets are bound for Miami, but the 1,320-mph Mikoyan-Gurevich-designed fighters of the type that that saw Vietnam and Cold War service will be on a peacetime mission rather than a military exercise.

Pilots who flew with discredited examiner face reexamination
The FAA plans to reexamine pilots and flight instructors who took practical tests between 2008 and 2019 from an FAA inspector and examiner whose work was called into question following an investigation.

North America's highest paved runway is back
Visitors to Colorado’s Lake County Airport in Leadville, elevation 9,934 feet, will notice many improvements, including 6,400 feet of brand-spanking-new runway.

FAA concerned about converted Continental engine crankshafts
The FAA is requesting information from operators of aircraft with some modified Continental O-470 engines after receiving a report of a power loss and forced landing incident traced to a fractured crankshaft in a converted engine.

Georgia high school wins GAMA challenge
Metropolitan Atlanta high school students from Riverwood International Charter School emerged victorious in the General Aviation Manufacturers Association 2020 Aviation Design Challenge despite facing “unforeseen and difficult challenges” ...

Redbird announces lineup for virtual Migration
The tenth annual Redbird Migration Flight Training Conference is going online October 21 and 22 because of coronavirus pandemic travel restrictions and safety concerns.

US Rep flies AOPA Sweepstakes RV–10
U.S. Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.), an instrument-rated pilot, flew the AOPA 2020 Sweepstakes RV-10—his first flight ever in a Van’s Aircraft kit airplane—during a July 28 visit to AOPA headquarters in Maryland.

HomeSafe certified for TBM 940
A system that allows an aircraft to land itself if the pilot becomes incapacitated has been certified for installation in the Daher TBM 940.

VFR Unleashed: Did I chicken out?
When we make conservative choices related to flight safety—especially those that lead us to terminate a flight short of our destination—there will be many opportunities to second-guess ourselves. Once we make a decision that eliminates or ...

FAA grants production certificate for Epic E1000
Epic Aircraft received FAA production certification for its carbon-fiber single-engine turboprop E1000 on July 23, following a process extended by the coronavirus pandemic that limited the FAA’s in-person visits to the facility.

Aircraft Maintenance: Fuel and oil in the cockpit
Pilots routinely train on handling in-flight emergencies: Assess the situation, react, and (above all else) never stop flying the aircraft. There are few mechanical failures that can prevent the pilot from continuing to fly the aircraft. However, add ...

Explore the backcountry in August
Fly around the Badlands, Glacier National Park, the Tetons, Hells Canyon, or the Alaska Range for some breathtaking views. When you land, be sure to check in using the AOPA app’s Pilot Passport feature to compete in the August backcountry mount ...

Hackers toppled Garmin networks
A cyberattack on July 23 knocked Garmin offline, disabling the company's online products and customer support. The company reported July 27 that most functions had been restored. 

Training Tip: The lowest form of flying
Flying low is a mixed blessing: Sometimes necessary, always demanding, occasionally challenging of your better judgment, low flying comes with special rules and a built-in expectation that your training will instill plenty of respect for potential ha ...

Armless pilot celebrates ADA anniversary in flight
It’s been nearly 30 years since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and retired Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) celebrated his landmark bill with “the most fun” event in his weekend of celebrations. He flew with Jessi ...

FAA urged to scale back updated Piper wing-spar AD
The FAA should further reduce the number of Piper single-engine airplane models subject to a proposed airworthiness directive requiring corrosion inspections of main wing spars and modify a formula to be used to calculate aircraft time in service, AO ...

FAA orders AD on Austro diesel engines
The FAA has adopted an airworthiness directive calling for the replacement of the timing chain and fuel injectors on Austro Engine GmbH models E4 and E4P diesel piston engines that are used on aircraft including some Diamonds.

Lithium-sulfur-powered eColt in works
The Brazilian-born two-seat, factory-built light sport Colt that left the paddock with a conventional 100-horsepower Rotax 912 ULS engine in 2019 and won praise from pilots, including an AOPA editor, for its smart handling will be offered in an ...

FAA details options for Cessna 210 AD
The FAA recently issued a bulletin answering common questions and detailing alternative methods to comply with an airworthiness directive that took effect in March requiring inspection of many Textron Aviation Cessna 210 models for corrosion that can ...

International travel remains a challenge
Restrictions on non-essential international travel continue to proliferate, with many such measures recently extended and some previous easing now being reversed.

Pilots needed for pirep project
It’s a small step for a pilot but a giant leap for in-flight weather awareness when someone shares a pilot report—and many pilots say they might do so during high-workload flights if there were a hands-free or speech-based technology at t ...

King Schools introduces 'Airline Pilot Interview Prep Course'
John and Martha King revealed a new King Schools course, redesigns for classic courses, and other initiatives during the husband-and-wife team’s first live news conference, which was also broadcast on Facebook and YouTube July 21.

Pilots fight fee increases at Bend, Oregon, airport
Pilots and airport business owners received just 30 days’ notice that the city of Bend, Oregon, would be increasing rates for hangars, tiedowns, and other airport leases effective August 1.

‘Don’t Get Rusty’ crew to coach pilots during Spirit of Aviation week
The AOPA You Can Fly “Don’t Get Rusty” webinar series team will deliver a don’t-miss “60 Seconds to a Perfect Landing” webinar July 25 from 1:30 to 3 p.m. Central Daylight Time during EAA Spirit of Aviation Week. T ...

iFlightPlanner for AOPA can send plans to your EFB
One of the most-requested features of iFlightPlanner for AOPA—the ability to send flight plans from the online planner to an electronic flight bag—is now available.

Training Tip: Tell me about the weather
We know that when your flight instructor asks you, “How’s the weather?” before a flight lesson it’s not because the CFI needs to know what the weather is doing.

The hardest decision you will have to make
Flying for public safety poses unique challenges that must be dealt with on nearly every flight. Under pressure, the most fundamental question in aviation—Is it safe to fly today?—can be difficult for any pilot to answer.

A bird James Bond might love
Animal impostors with unblinking eyes may soon patrol borders, sensitive facilities, or other locations. These flying cameras are designed to blend in with the flock.

Icon Aircraft names new president
Icon Aircraft has replaced its president one year after it sharply cut back production of its A5 amphibious light sport aircraft.

Student Pilots – When is It Absolutely Essential to Purchase Renter Insurance?
Have you ever asked yourself – at what point in private pilot training is it absolutely essential to purchase renter insurance? AssuredPartners has answers for you.

Accident Case Study: Lake Renegade
On July 27, 2017, the pilot of a Lake Renegade took off despite rough water and advice to stay put. This new AOPA Air Safety Institute Accident Case Study examines the fatal accident.

Bye has funds to build production prototype
Bye Aerospace announced July 13 that recent venture capital investments will allow construction of the first production-conforming prototype of the all-electric, two-seat eFlyer 2.

Buy a new M350, Piper will cover expenses
Piper Aircraft will cover three years of fuel, maintenance, training, inspections, and consumables costs for every M350 sold by September 30. You read that correctly.

DeLaurentis overflies North Pole
Robert DeLaurentis, the “Zen Pilot,” author, and AOPA Opinion Leaders blogger who has been on a quest to overfly both the South and North poles since last November, completed the task July 10, flying over the North Pole on a flight leg ma ...

Drone conference goes virtual
Like almost every other event in aviation since spring, Episode I of the 2020 FAA UAS Symposium was held virtually July 8 and 9, with 1,223 people logging in for presentations and discussions streamed online.

AOPA Media, Air Safety Institute win association publishing awards
The publishing professionals of AOPA have again been honored by Association Media and Publishing of Washington, D.C.

Diamond DA40 fuel hose deterioration prompts AD
Owners of an estimated 737 Diamond DA40 aircraft (various models) in the U.S. registry will need to inspect their fuel tanks for the deteriorated remains of a rubber fuel hose, according to an airworthiness directive published July 15, effective Augu ...

Kodiak AD requires nosegear inspection
The FAA revised some elements of an airworthiness directive first proposed in 2018 and applicable to Daher (formerly Quest) Kodiak 100s with a particular nose landing gear fork that has been known to crack.

‘Go forth and kick butt’
The U.S. Navy announced that Lt. j.g. Madeline Swegle has become the service’s “first known Black female TACAIR pilot” and will receive her gold wings in a ceremony on July 31.

AOPA Foundation organizer makes it easier for members to manage their legacy gift
Many pilots have a clear desire to protect the freedom to fly for future generations of aviators. What may be a little foggier is how: “How can I ensure that my will and financial plans properly reflect my wishes to support the future of genera ...

Sonex announces return of Sonerai
John Monnett's original plans-built racing airplane is back in stock at Sonex Aircraft in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Plans for the Sonerai will set you back just $145; add another $21,000, give or take, for parts and materials, along with some sweat equity, ...

Getting to know Jerome Stanislaus
Jerome Stanislaus is not your typical general aviation pilot. From the tattoos that share a story about his love of flying to his passion for jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, Stanislaus exudes a passion for aviation—sometimes more than ...

Pilots (still) wanted
A well-known report predicting that hundreds of thousands of pilot jobs would open worldwide over the next two decades made waves in the marketplace in 2018 as employers fretted over where all those workers would come from.

Time building now could pay off later
Snagging a professional pilot job in the current coronavirus-pandemic market could be difficult, but staying in aviation and building time could pay off when the airlines begin hiring again, opening pilot jobs throughout the industry.

Aviation career path experts predict renewed air travel appetite
Aviation career insiders suggest that aspiring professional pilots concentrate on the future and prepare themselves for a hiring spree that may coincide with an increased appetite for air travel in the months ahead.

Résumés for professional pilots
A résumé is a detailed summary of your work experience and qualifications, and it is the most important tool for your job search. Your résumé serves several purposes. The résumé represents you, the applicant. ...

Head in the game
While the coronavirus pandemic brought the hottest pilot job market in 60 years to its knees, nearly all experts agree that this downturn will be a pause. So what can you do to keep your skills sharp to be ready for the interview or return to work wh ...

Professional pilot planning post-COVID-19
My first hint of the impact of the COVID-19 virus on air travel came in late February/early March when I worked a pair of flights to Orlando and Fort Myers that only had 40 or 50 people on them. That time of year, the airplanes to Florida are usually ...

Training Tip: Power struggle
A summer flying job I once had at a mom and pop FBO featured much good-natured banter between the pilots of the company’s hard-working airplanes and the mechanics who toiled to keep the equipment airborne.

VFR Unleashed: Let’s talk about getting stuck
You don’t need an instrument rating to explore countless adventures and nationwide destinations. With healthy decision-making skills and some flexibility in your schedule, opportunities abound.

International Seaplane Fly-In canceled
The small town of Greenville, Maine, has drawn seaplanes by the score and visitors by the thousands each September for decades, but the coronavirus pandemic forced organizers to call off the 2020 International Seaplane Fly-In.

Trailblazer Emily Howell Warner mourned
Emily Howell Warner, a National Aviation Hall of Fame inductee and the first woman pilot hired by a U.S. airline, died July 3 in Littleton, Colorado. She was 80.

EAA celebrates Spirit of Aviation Week with packed schedule
More than 170 streamed and on-demand events are on tap for the Experimental Aircraft Association’s virtual Spirit of Aviation Week July 21 to 25 to entertain and educate aviation enthusiasts in lieu of this year’s EAA AirVenture, whi ...

FAA answers common questions about pandemic SFAR
The FAA Safety Team has published a document of frequently asked questions and answers about the special federal aviation regulations issued this year to help pilots meet currency, training, and medical requirements during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Mother Of All Cubs’ adds performance, power
American Legend Aircraft Co. announced a more powerful and more capable three-seat backcountry version of the Legend Cub called the "Mother Of All Cubs," or MOAC, that is rooted in the Piper Super Cub—a fully cowled refinement of the open-cylin ...

Business aviation coping with coronavirus carnage
The coronavirus pandemic has shaken up the aviation industry in ways no one could have forecast a few months ago. While other segments struggled, elements of business aviation have recovered “smartly,” according to one industry observer, ...

Lighter, longer Stratos logs first flight
The Stratos 716X made its maiden flight July 2 following a “complete redesign” that added two seats and shaved hundreds of pounds of weight from its four-seat predecessor.

Former Phillies pitcher, CFI Tyson Brummett dies in Utah airplane accident
Former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher and general aviation pilot Tyson Brummett and three passengers were killed in a Cessna 172 accident July 3 in the Wasatch Mountains east of Salt Lake City, The Deseret News reported.

Cuba ends free overflight permits for GA
Cuba aviation authorities have informed AOPA that they have discontinued the policy of issuing free overflight permits to light-aircraft pilots bound for airports in Mexico, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and other destinations.

‘Hangar Talk’ hits the century mark
It began modestly. Two people sitting in a glorified storage closet talked about the week’s news. Now, four years later, we are celebrating the 100th episode of Hangar Talk, AOPA’s biweekly podcast featuring some of general aviation&rsquo ...